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Sound Discoveries



Our Sound Discoveries School Residency program brings a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Teaching Artist to the classroom to work with students to learn how music integrates with other areas of learning as decided and prioritized by the school. Each residency is specifically designed to meet the school’s learning objectives, schedule and desires. Sound Discoveries is provided at no cost to participating schools.



Residency began: Fall 2016 

Every week at Hays-Porter, 26 third and fourth graders meet with CSO Teaching Artist, Liz Wu, to explore how music integrates with math and technology. Supporting the school’s initiatives as a Vision 2020 High Tech school, the students in Sound Discoveries use tablets, digital composition software, video design tools, and audio recording equipment to discover how music and sound is used in various projects, settings and fields. At the end of the year, teachers expressed seeing improvement in attentiveness, patience, curiosity and excitement to learn. Students also saw over a 30% increase in the music fundamental skills throughout the residency. 




Residency began: Fall 2018

Two days a week in music class, students in grades 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th join CSO Teaching Artist, Liz Wu, to explore how sound is created in both music and the world around us. The students will learn about instruments and sound production through hands-on activities including making their own instruments, recording and manipulating sounds and developing media projects using their findings. Students will exercise their creativity and collaboration while applying their music knowledge.  



Contact Education Programs Manager, Becky Spiewak at education@cincinnatisymphony.org or 513.744.3347  



CSO Teaching Artist, Liz Wu

Liz Wu is a professional musician, CCM graduate, fitness instructor and published children's book author who has combined her love of music, movement and language into fun, engaging programs designed to maximize learning on many fronts. She spends her days teaching fitness for adults and seniors, her mornings and afternoons teaching music to all ages, and her evenings playing in the band Acarya. If she has a spare hour, you might run into her at a farmer's market, hiking in the woods, volunteering in the community, or enjoying the arts!