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CSO Backstage

Workshops for Student Musicians


CSO Backstage



The Audition Workshop: TBA

CSYO Conductor Gene Chang and others will talk about what exactly is needed to audition for groups like the CSYO and also for college auditions.  Topics we’ll explore include: What are they listening for? How should I prepare?  What if I get nervous?  Is there a better way to practice?  Come find out what all the insiders and experts know about how to have the best audition possible.


CSO Backstage workshops are presented as part of Sound Discoveries: Music for a Career.

Sound Discoveries: Music for a Career provides educational opportunities, performance opportunities, and financial assistance where needed – for talented and motivated young musicians who aspire to careers in music performance, music education or music administration.

The CSO gratefully acknowledges the extraordinary support of Mrs. Patricia A. Corbett and The Corbett Foundation. The Corbett Educational Endowment supports and expands a strong, comprehensive instructional program to educate young people in music.