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Benefactor's Council


The Benefactors Council: Access and Advocacy

The Benefactors Council is a group of advocates for which your annual gift level gains you access to the operations and musicians of the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra.

Members of the Benefactors Council are offered a unique, behind-the-scenes view of how the Orchestra brings world-class music to the community and beyond through invitations to events and other unique opportunities. From “lunch and learn” sessions to networking, members of the Benefactors Council spend time with those who have a fascination for and love of the music and the institution. The rewards of membership are many, and the investment provides invaluable returns. Unlike the Orchestra’s Board of Directors, membership in Benefactors Council does not require a nomination process. The only requirement for membership is to support the Orchestra with a gift of $5,000 or more as an individual or $7,500 or more as an organization. As the Orchestra continues its journey to even greater musical heights and builds an even stronger community presence, the near future provides several in-depth events for the Benefactors Council. 

Benefactors Council
(as of September 1, 2015)

Adleta Group, Mr. Robert Adleta
Romola N. Allen §
Mr. Anatole Alper
Martha G. Anness §
Mrs. Katy Barclay
Bartlett & Co., Jane Vanderhorst
Ellen A. Berghamer §
Mary Bergstein
Mr. and Mrs. David Berick
Louis D. Bilionis and Ann Hubbard
Mrs. Herbert Bloch, Jr.
Rosemary H. and Frank Bloom §
BMES, John Moore
Robert L. Bogenschutz
Martha P. Bolognini
Dr. and Mrs. John and Suzanne Bossert §
Chris and Karen Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Bryan, III §
Mr. Otto M. Budig, Jr.
Mary Alice Burke §
Shannon and Lee Carter
Edward and Susan Castleberry
CES/Link, Ms. Deborah Spradley
CFM, Ms. Jamie Jewell
Ms. Geraldine V. Chavez
Robert and Debra Chavez
Chemed Corp., Sandra E. Laney
Piotr Chomczynski
Cincinnati Symphony Club
Lois and Philip S. Cohen
Sheila and Christopher C. Cole
Coney Island, Victor W. Nolting
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Connelly
Corporex Companies, LLC, Mr. William Butler
Peter G. Courlas §
Crosset Family Fund, Mr. James M. Crosset
Mrs. Thomas E. Davidson
Katharine M. Davis
Dennis W. and Cathy Dern
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dessner
Amy and Trey Devey §
Nancy and Steve Donovan
Marjorie Drackett
Mrs. David Ellis, Jr.
Emory P. Zimmer Insurance Agency, Baker D. Bahlman
Ernst & Young, Mr. Scott Trosset
Harry and Linda Fath §
Catherine Lepley Feig
Fifth Third Bank Foundation, Ms. Heidi Jark
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. David Fleischer
Mrs. Charles Fleischmann
Susan Friedlander §
Frost Brown Todd, Ms. Jill Myer
Dr. and Mrs. Harry F. Fry
Molly and Tom Garber, CCI Design, Inc.
Ms. Jane Garvey
Richard D. Gegner
Mrs. Philip O. Geier §
Sabine and Werner Geissler
L. Timothy Giglio
Drs. Lesley Gilbertson and William Hurford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Giuliani
Clifford J. Goosmann and Andrea M. Wilson
Priscilla Garrison Haffner §
Mr. Joseph Hagin
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hake
David G. Hakes
Tom and Jan Hardy §
Mrs. Anne P. Heldman §
Robert and Patricia Henley
David C. Herriman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Hirschhorn §
Mrs. Harry M. Hoffheimer
HORAN, Terry Horan §
Dr. and Mrs. M. Howett §
Dr. Murray Jaffe
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Joffe
Johnson Investment Counsel, Mr. Dean Moulas
Lois and Dick Jolson
Frank Jordan §
Mr. Mace C. Justice §
Mr. and Mrs. Lorrence T. Kellar
Dr. and Mrs. Lionel King
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kline
Mrs. Thomas Klinedinst, Sr.
Edward A. Klint
Linda Dianne Knose
Florence and Ron Koetters
Marvin P. Kolodzik §
Michael and Marilyn Kremzar
Kroger, Ms. Katy Barclay
Anne I. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lawrence
Louis Levin
Daniel R. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Lindner
Calvin and Patricia Linnemann §
Thomas and Adele Lippert
Whitney and Phillip Long
Mark and Tia Luegering
Macy’s, Mr. Matthew Q. Stautberg
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Maloney
Elizabeth and Brian Mannion, MD
Alan Margulies and Gale Snoddy
Rhoda Mayerson
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan McCann
Mr. Robert W. McDonald
Laura Kimble McLellan §
Mrs. Susan M. McPartlin
Mercy Health, Mario Cicchinelli
Messer Construction Co., Kathleen C. Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Miller
Mr. James A. Miller
Linda and James Miller
Monarch Construction, Mr. Ron Koetters
Mrs. James Monroe §
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mueller
Stephen and Kristin Mullin §
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Muth §
Mrs. Ruth Myers
Anne Nethercott §
Ohio National Financial Services,
Mr. Gary T. “Doc” Huffman
Dr. Santa Ono and Mrs. Gwendolyn Yip
Marilyn J. and Jack D. Osborn §
Arlene Palmer
John and Farah Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. John Parlin
Paycor, Bob Coughlin
Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler
PNC Bank, Kay Geiger
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, Evelyn L. Cole
Terry and Marvin Quin
Irene and Dan Randolph §
Rendigs, Fry, Kiely & Dennis, Mrs. Pat Fry
Mercer and Gabrielle Reynolds
Vicky and Rick Reynolds
Melody Sawyer Richardson §
Ellen Rieveschl §
Elizabeth and Karl Ronn §
J. David and Dianne Rosenberg
Nancy and Ed Rosenthal
Moe and Jack Rouse §
Ann and Harry Santen
Mark S. and Rosemary K. Schlachter §
Jeffrey S. Schloemer and Marcia A. Banker
Harold C. Schott Foundation, Francie and Tom Hiltz
Digi and Mike Schueler
Vivian and Jim Schwab
Ladislas & Vilma Segoe Family Foundation,
Mr. David Ellis
Irwin and Melinda Simon
Mr. Murray Sinclaire
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Skidmore §
Michael and Donnalyn Smith
Tom and Dee Stegman §
William D. Stenger
Mary S. Stern
Laurence G. Stillpass
Theodore W. and Carol B. Striker
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sweeney
Taft Stettinius & Hollister, Mr. Jeffrey Schloemer
Delle E. Taylor
Ms. Anne D. Thomas
Laura G. Thomson
Towers Watson, George Morrison
Toyota Motor Eng. & Mfg. Co. N.A., Inc., David Fleischer
UBS, Mr. Troy DeBord
Dale and Joyce Uetrecht
Larry Uhlenbrock
United Dairy Farmers, Mr. Brad Lindner
U.S. Bank, Bradley Scott
Sallie and Duck Wadsworth §
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ward §
Ginger and David W. Warner
Gary and Diane West §
Western Pacific Holdings, Chiun-Teng Cheng
Western & Southern Financial Services,
Mr. Don Wuebbling
Mrs. Harris K. Weston (Alice)
World Pac Paper, LLC, Edgar Smith and
Toni Robinson-Smith
Ms. Karen Wright
Betsy and Alex C. Young §
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zimmerman
Anonymous (5)

§ Denotes members of The Thomas Schippers Society. Individuals who have made a planned gift to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra are eligible for membership in The Thomas Schippers Society.