Thank You!


The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr. / US Bank Foundation
Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc.
Louise Dieterle Nippert Musical Arts Fund of the Green Acres Foundation
Ohio Arts Council
PNC Bank
Western & Southern Financial Group
Edward Jay Wohlgemuth

GOLD BATON CIRCLE ($25,000–$49,999)
National Endowment for the Arts
Coney Island
Croswell VIP Motorcoaches
The Cincinnati Symphony Club
Macy’s, Inc.
United Dairy Farmers & Homemade
Brand Ice Cream

CONDUCTOR’S CIRCLE ($10,000–$24,999)
Bartlett Wealth Management
CCI Design / Tom & Molly Garber
CFM International
Chemed Corporation
Corporex Companies, LLC
Frost Brown Todd LLC
Graeter’s Ice Cream
ILSCO Corporation/Bardes Fund
Johnson Investment Counsel
Kroger Company
Messer Construction Company
Ohio National Financial Services
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
The Procter & Gamble Company
>Rendigs, Fry, Kiely, and Dennis
Taft, Stettinius, and Hollister LLP
U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management
World Pac Paper, LLC

Clark Schaefer Hackett CPAs & Advisors
The LaBlond Foundation of Makino
Pyro-Technical Investigations, Inc

Queen City Ohio Chapter, The Links Inc.
Stone Financial Retirement Planning
Thompson Hine LLP

MUSICIANS CIRCLE ($2,500–$4,999)
CES/Links Fund
Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau
Hixson Architecture, Engineering Interiors
Moore Air

African American Chamber of Commerce
American Red Cross, Greater
Cincinnati-Dayton Region
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Aunty’s Homemade Foods
BelFlex Staffing Network
Buddy Roger’s Music
Cavalier Distributing Company
Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts Of America
The David J. Joseph Company
David L. Martin
Diversified Facility Solutions
Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Crawford
d.e. Foxx & Associates
Integrity Development
Joyce and Howard Thompson
Kathleen M. Grote
Mayers Electric Company, Inc.
Megen Construction
Mr. Harold Brown
MSA Architects
Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff and Goettel
Susan Friedlander
Switch Lighting & Design
The Dental Care Plus Group
The Nelson Stark Company
The Perfect Brew
Thomas J. Dyer Company
The Voice of Your Customer
Volta Tax Center
Wegman Company


The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Pops Orchestra are grateful to the following individuals and organizations that support our efforts. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one and pay tribute to them here.

Gifts of $50,000 and above

The Louise Dieterle Nippert Musical Arts Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Bryan, III §
CCI Design, Molly and Tom Garber
Sheila and Christopher C. Cole
The Corbett Foundation
Susan Friedlander §
Dr. Lesley Gilbertson and Dr. William Hurford
George L. and Anne P. Heldman Fund* §
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Joffe
Florence Koetters
League of American Orchestras
Edyth B. Lindner
The H.B., E.W., and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation, Fifth Third Bank Narley L. Haley, Co-Trustees
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Dr. John & Louise Mulford Fund for the CSO
Marilyn J. and Jack D. Osborn §
The Margaret McWilliams Rentschler Fund*
Vicky and Rick Reynolds
Robert H. Reakirt Foundation Equities
Dianne and J. David Rosenberg
Harold C. Schott Foundation, Francie and Tom Hiltz, Trustees
The Marge & Charles J. Schott Foundation
Irwin and Melinda Simon
Tom and Dee Stegman
Jackie and Roy Sweeney Family Fund*
Mr. Randolph L. Wadsworth, Jr. §
Ginger and David W. Warner

Gifts of $25,000–$49,999

Friends from Beavercreek
Rebecca J. Bolce and Keith S. Wood
Charles H. Dater Foundation
Mrs. Charles Fleischmann
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heldman
Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation, Inc.
The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati
Mr. Mace C. Justice §
The Patricia Kisker Foundation
Lazarow Schwartz Family Fund*
Calvin and Patricia Linnemann
Moe and Jack Rouse §
Ann and Harry Santen §
The Ladislas & Vilma Segoe Family Foundation
The Louise Taft Semple Foundation

Gifts of $15,000-24,999

Mary Bergstein
Rosemary H. and Frank Bloom Special Fund*§
Dr. and Mrs. John and Suzanne Bossert §
Edward Castleberry
Robert and Debra Chavez
Michael L. Cioffi
Dr. and Mrs. Carl G. Fischer
Ashley and Bobbie Ford §
Marvin P. Kolodzik §
Mrs. Erich Kunzel
George and Sarah Morrison III
The Oliver Family Foundation
Joseph A. and Susan E. Pichler Fund*
Terry and Marvin Quin
August A. Rendigs, Jr. Foundation
Mark S. and Rosemary K. Schlachter §
Theodore W. and Carol B. Striker
Sutphin Family Foundation
Dale and Joyce Uetrecht
Gary and Diane West §
Mary E. West §
Mrs. James W. Wilson, Jr.
Wodecroft Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zimmerman §

Gifts of $10,000–14,999

Ms. Jessica Adelman and The Kroger Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Lars C. Anderson, Sr.
Martha G. Anness §
Mr. Randi Bellner and U.S. Bank
Mr. Gregory D. Buckley and Ms. Susan Berry-Buckley
Ms. Melanie M. Chavez
Crosset Family Fund
Mrs. Thomas E. Davidson §
Dianne Dunkelman
Dr. and Mrs. Alberto Espay
Mrs. Philip O. Geier §
Rebecca Gibbs and Anne Mulder
Priscilla Garrison Haffner §
Mr. Joseph Hagin
Tom and Jan Hardy §
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Hirschhorn §
Mrs. Harry M. Hoffheimer
Dr. and Mrs. Lionel King
Mr. John Lanni
Mrs. Anne I. Lawrence
Whitney and Phillip Long
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Maloney
Rhoda Mayerson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McDonald
Mrs. Susan M. McPartlin
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Orndorff
The Daniel & Susan Pfau Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Quinn, Jr.
Melody Sawyer Richardson §
Mr. Dennis Schoff and Ms. Nina Sorensen
Dr. Jean and Mrs. Anne Steichen
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stern
Mrs. Anne Drackett Thomas
Pamela and Paul Thompson
Tomcinoh Fund*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Ward §
Emory P. Zimmer Insurance Agency

Gifts of $5,000–$9,999

Dr. Charles Abbottsmith
Dr. Norita Aplin and Stanley Ragle
Thomas P. Atkins
In Memory of William T. Bahlman, Jr. §
Kathleen and Michael Ball
The Bergan Family
Dava Lynn Biehl §
Louis D. Bilionis and Ann Hubbard
Mr. William P. Blair III
Robert L. Bogenschutz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brinkmeyer §
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brueshaber
The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation
Peter G. Courlas §
Jodelle S. Crosset §
The Lewis and Marjorie Daniel Foundation
Stephen J. Daush
K.M. Davis
Bedouin and Randall Dennison
Dennis W. and Cathy Dern
Mr. Albert C. Dierckes, Jr.
Mrs. Charles M. Drackett
Mrs. Diana T. Dwight
Mr. Shaun Ethier and Empower Media Marketing
Marlena and Walter Frank
Dr. and Mrs. Harry F. Fry
Ms. Jane Garvey
Timothy Giglio
Mrs. Michael H. Giuliani
Clifford J. Goosmann and Andrea M. Wilson §
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hamby
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley G. Hughes
Mr. Marshall C. Hunt, Jr.
Drs. Marcia Kaplan and Michael Privitera §
Mr. and Mrs. Lorrence T. Kellar
Patrick Kirk and Mary Vondrak
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kovarsky
Michael and Marilyn Kremzar
Peter E. Landgren and Judith Schonbach Landgren
Mrs. Robert Lippert
Mark and Tia Luegering
Mr. and Mrs. AJ and Laura Macht
Mandare Foundation
Elizabeth and Brian Mannion
David L. Martin
Mr. Jonathan Martin and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Mr. Bernard McKay
Miami University College of Creative Arts
Mr. James A. Miller
Linda and James Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James Minutolo
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Motch
The Willard & Jean Mulford Charitable Fund
Dr. E. Don Nelson and Julia Sawyer-Nelson
Mr. Scott Nelson and Dr. Susan Kindel
Arlene Palmer
Dr. Manisha Patel and Dr. Michael Curran
David and Jenny Powell
Ellen Rieveschl §
Elizabeth and Karl Ronn §
Nancy and Ed Rosenthal
Ms. Lisa Sampson
Martha and Lee Schimberg
Mike and Digi Schueler
David and Abby Schwartz
Sue and Glenn Showers §
Elizabeth C. B. and Paul G. Sittenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Skidmore §
Jack J. Smith, Jr. Charitable Trust
Michael and Donnalyn Smith
Mr. Rick J. Staudigel and Ms. Kelly M. Dehan
Brett Stover
Sarah Thorburn
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Valz
Christopher and Nancy Virgulak
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wachter
Nancy C. Wagner §
Patricia M. Wagner §
Charla Weiss, Ph.D.
Donna A. Welsch
Andrea K. Wiot
Anonymous (3)

Gifts of $3,000–$4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Adams
Drs. Frank and Mary Albers
Ms. Laura E. Atkinson
Robert and Janet Banks
Judy A. Bean
Mrs. Thomas S. Benjamin
Glenn and Donna Boutilier
Thomas A. Braun, III §
Stephen and Diedra Burns
Linda Busken and Andrew M. Jergens §
Janet and Bruce Byrnes
Dr. Daniel Cajacob
Miss Norma L. Clark §
Susan and Burton Closson
David and Nina Clyne
Dr. Thomas and Geneva Cook
Sally and Rick Coomes
Robin Cotton and Cindi Fitton
Mr. and Mrs. John Cover
Jim and Elizabeth Dodd
Jon and Susan Doucleff §
Patricia Dudsic
Dr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Dunsker
David and Kari Ellis Fund*
Ann A. Ellison
Hardy and Barbara Eshbaugh
Catherine Lepley Feig
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Jacqueline S. Francis
Yan Fridman
Frank and Tara Gardner
Mrs. James R. Gardner
Naomi Gerwin
Mrs. Jocelyn Glass
John B. Goering
Thomas W. Gougeon
Lesha and Samuel Greengus
Kathleen M. Grote §
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Hahn
Dr. Donald and Laura Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Heidenreich
Dr. James and Ms. Susan Herman
Ms. Janet Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hicks
Drs. Robert C. Hodges and Anthony A. McIntire
Ruth C. Holthaus
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hone
In Memory of Benjamin C. Hubbard §
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Keenan
Dr. Robert W. Keith and Ms. Kathleen Thornton
Don and Kathy King
Patrick Kirk and Mary Vondrak
Jeff and Mary Ann Knoop
Dr. Diane Krumanaker, DVM
Mr. Eric Landrum
Richard and Susan Lauf
Mrs. Jean E. Lemon §
Thomas and Adele Lippert
Merlanne Louney
Jacqueline M. Mack and Dr. Edward B. Silberstein
Mr. and Mrs. Julian A. Magnus
Chris and Bev Maloney
Alan Margulies and Gale Snoddy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Marshall
Lynn and Glen Mayfield
Eleanor S. McCombe
Barbara and Kim McCracken §
Ms. Amy McDiffett
Stephanie McNeill
Mrs. Patricia Misrach
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Moccia §
Jennifer Morales and Ben Glassman
David and Beth Muskopf
Phyllis Myers and Danny Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Park §
Poul D. and JoAnne Pedersen
Alice Perlman
Ms. Thienthanh Pham
Alice and David Phillips
Mark and Kim Pomeroy
Michael and Katherine Rademacher
Marjorie and Louis Rauh
Mrs. Robert S. Read
Sandra Rivers
Nancy and Raymond Rolwing
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Rose
James Rubenstein and Bernadette Unger
James and Mary Russell
Mr. Kyle Schlotman and Connetic Ventures
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Schmid
Elizabeth Schulenberg
Rev. Dr. David V. Schwab
Vivian and Jim Schwab
Sandra and David Seiwert
Doug and Laura Skidmore
William A. and Jane Smith
Elizabeth A. Stone
Ms. Margaret M. Story
Mrs. Sally Sundermann
Ralph C. Taylor §
Susan and John Tew
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tinklenberg
Janet Todd
Dr. Barbara R. Voelkel
Mrs. Ronald F. Walker
Dr. and Mrs. Galen R. Warren
Jim and George Ann Wesner
Jo Ann Wieghaus
Sheila Williams and Bruce Smith
Cathy S. Willis
Ronna and James Willis
Steve and Katie Wolnitzek

Anonymous (4)

Gifts of $1,500–$2,999

William Albertson
Jeff and Keiko Alexander §
Robert and Beth Baer
Judy A. Bean
David and Elaine Billmire
Dabby Blatt
Dr. and Mrs. William Bramlage
Peter and Kate Brown
Rachelle Bruno and Stephen Bondurant
Chris and Tom Buchert
Amy and Robert Catanzaro
Catharine W. Chapman §
Lois Cohen §
Dr. Pearl J. Compaan
Jack and Janice Cook §
Randy K. and Nancy R. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. James Dealy
George Deepe and Kris Orsborn
Nancy and Steve Donovan
Mrs. Jack E. Drake
Mrs. Shirley Duff
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Earls §
Mr. Jimmy C. Edwards
Jean K. Eichert
Mrs. Joyce Elkus
The Thomas J. Emery Memorial
Mr. Walter Feige
Mr. Laughton Fine
Mrs. Nancy Finke
Richard Freshwater §
Carol S. Friel
Orpha Ann Gatch Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Giannella
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Gollobin
Drew Gores and George Warrington
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Greenberg
Dr. Janet C. Haartz and Kenneth V. Smith
Ms. Delores Hargrove-Young
Emma D. Hartkemeier
Ms. Elizabeth A. Harty
Karlee L. Hilliard §
Mr. Curtis Hinshaw
Bruce and Linda Hoffman
Ms. Susan K. Hopp
David J. Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hughes
Mr. Gordon Hullar
Mr. Thaddeus Jaroszewicz
Karolyn Johnsen
Barbara M. Johnson
Frank Jordan §
Holly H. Keeler
John and Molly Kerman
Bill and Penny Kincaid
Mr. Frank P. Kromer
Carol Louise Kruse
Mrs. John H. Kuhn §
Charles and Jean Lauterbach
Mary Mc and Kevin Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Leege
Mr. Peter F. Levin §
Elizabeth Lilly*
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Y. Lin
Paula and Nick Link
Drs. Douglas Linz and Ann Middaugh
Mrs. Marianne Locke
Mr. and Mrs. Clement H. Luken, Jr.
David and Katja Lundgren

Sherie Lynch Marek
James A. Markley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Matz
Mary Ann Meanwell

Gifts of $1,500–$2,999 (cont.)
Becky Miars
John and Roberta Michelman
Ms. Sue Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Moore and Moore Air
Regeana and Al Morgan
Ms. Mary Lou Motl
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Neal
Mrs. John L. Noelcke
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Olson
Mrs. George Perbix
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Pike
Anne M. Pohl §
Sherri and Mike Prentiss
Mr. Aftab Pureval
James W. Rauth §
Marilyn Reichert
Diane and Alex Resly
Charles Scott Riley III Foundation
Dean Stanley Romanstein
Ross Charitable Trust
Marianne Rowe §
Ann Ruchhoft
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Scheffler
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Schmidter, III
Rennie and David Siebenhar
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sefton Smith
Harold and Faye Sosna
Richard and Lois Sprigg
Howard and Nancy Starnbach
Bill and Lee Steenken
Laurence G. Stillpass
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stradling, Jr.
Dr. Alan and Shelley Tarshis
Kathy Teipen
Rich and Nancy Tereba
Nydia C. Tranter §
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew and Diana Wallace
Chad and Betsy Warwick
L. Wells
Mrs. Harris K. Weston (Alice)
Virginia Wilhelm
Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson
Wright Brothers, Inc.
Carol and Don Wuebbling
David and Sharon Youmans
Andi Levenson Young and Scott Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Zierolf
Anonymous (5)

Gifts of $500–$1,499

Romola N. Allen §
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Altenau
Dolores and Paul Anderson
Mr. Paul Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Andrews
Dr. Victor and Dolores Angel
Nancy J. Apfel
Apke/Premium Cleaning
Carole J. Arend §
Judy Aronoff and Marshall Ruchman
Mr. David H. Axt and Ms. Susan L. Wilkinson
Dr. Diane S. Babcock §
Gerard and Susan Baillely
Jerry and Martha Bain
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll R. Baker
Joe and Patricia Baker
Jack and Diane Baldwin
William and Barbara Banks
Peggy Barrett §
Mrs. Polly M. Bassett
Michael and Amy Battoclette
Ms. Shirley Bear
Ms. Mariana Belvedere
Mr. Michael Bergan
Fred Berger
Barbara and Milton Berner
Dr. David and Cheryl Bernstein
Glenda and Malcolm Bernstein
Ms. Marianna Bettman
Mr. Eric Beutel
Mr. and Mrs. Rodd Bixler
Randal and Peter Bloch
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bloomer
Ava Jo Bohl
Martha Bolognini
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Borisch
Marilyn and John Braun
Robert and Joan Broersma
Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brown
Jacklyn and Gary Bryson
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Burleigh
Donald L. and Kathleen Field Burns
Daniel A. Burr
Jack and Marti Butz
John and Terri Byczkowski
Ms. Deborah Campbell §
Anna K. and G. Gibson Carey
Joan Carlin
Bill and Pat Case
Dr. Alan Chambers
Denise and Martin Chambers
Mike and Shirly Chaney
Gordon Christenson
Bob and Tisha Clary
James Clasper and Cheryl Albrecht
Alfred Cohen and Ann Pappenheimer
Carol C. Cole §
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Collins
Dr. George I. Colombel
Fred Colucci
Dr. Margaret Conradi
Jean and Gene Conway
Albert B. Cord Charitable Foundation
Robert and Nancy Cottrell
Dennis and Patricia Coyne
Marjorie Craft
Mr. Kevin Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. Brendon Cull
Susan and John Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Curran, III §
Lynne Curtiss
Jacqueline Cutshall
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Lori Dattilo
Douglas B. Daugherty
Mr. and Mrs. George Daumeyer
Loren and Polly DeFilippo
Stephen and Cynthia DeHoff
Robert B. Dick, Ph.D.
Ms. Rhonda Dickerscheid
Ms. Megan K. Dittman
Ms. Marianne Doll
Jean and Rick Donaldson
Julie Dorenbusch
Mrs. John Doviak
Meredith and Chuck Downton
Tom and Leslie Ducey
Freeman Durham and Dean Clevenger
Mr. and Mrs. James Eigel
Larry and Barbara Elleman
Ms. Ruth Engel
Barbara Esposito-Ilacqua
Barry and Judy Evans
Ms. Sarah Evans
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Faulkner
Ms. Barbara A. Feldmann
Don L. Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Garth Finch
Richard and Elizabeth Findlay
Mrs. Mary Fisher
Mrs. Stona J. Fitch
Alan Flaherty and Patti Myers §
Ms. Nancy B. Forbriger
Mr. and Mrs. William Fotsch
In Memory of Eugene and Cavell Frey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fricke
Mr. and Mrs. James Fryman
Marjorie Fryxell
Linda P. Fulton §
Ms. Bianca Gallagher
Drusilla Garms
Kathleen Gibboney
David J. Gilner
Louis and Deborah Ginocchio
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Glueck
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goldschmidt
Steven and Shelley Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Gottschalk
Carol Grasha and Christopher Knoop
Robert and Cynthia Gray
Dr. Bryan Griffin
Dr. Alice E. Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. James Grimes
Mary Grooms
Esther B. Grubbs §
Dr. Janet C. Haartz and Kenneth V. Smith
William and Amy Hahnel
Ham and Ellie Hamilton
Roberta Handwerger
James and Sally Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Harris
William and Joanne Harvey
Deborah Hauger, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Heberling
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Heekin
Irmgard and Horst Hehmann
Janet Heiden
Mrs. Betty H. Heldman §
Mary W. and Howard D. Helms
Donald and Susan Henson
Dr. Bernard Hertzman
Ms. Leslie M. Hoggatt
Mr. and Mrs. Sam R. Hollingsworth
Richard and Marcia Holmes
Stanley A. Hooker, III
Katherine M. Howell
Karen and David Huelsman
Mr. Bradley Hunkler
Mr. Doug Ignatius and Mr. Bruce Preston
Mr. Michael Ilyinsky
Dr. Maralyn M. Itzkowitz
Mrs. Charles H. Jackson, Jr.
Mr. Dale Jenkins
Ms. Sylvia Johnson
Lois and Kenneth Jostworth
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Keating
Alex and Joan Keller
Robert A. and Marian K. Kennedy Charitable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kerstine
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kitzmiller
John and Lynn Klahm
Frank B. Knapke, Jr.
Marie and Sam Kocoshis
Anne B. Koehler
Pamela Koester-Hackmann
Diane Kolleck
Carita and Paul Kollman
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Krone
Patricia Lambeck
Everett and Barbara Landen
Mrs. Joseph A. Lane
Evelyn and Fred Lang
Karen Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Layne
Mr. Alvin R. Lee
Ms. Patricia E. Leo
Donna Levi
Levin Family Foundation
Mr. Brian Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Lewis
Dr. Susie and Henry Limouze
Mr. Arthur Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Link
Mrs. Mary Long
Al and Mary Lopez
Mr. Jeff Lowrance
Timothy and Jill Lynch
Edmund D. Lyon
Edgar J. & Elaine J. Mack Fund
Marshall and Nancy Macks
Mrs. Morita Marmo
Andrew and Jean Martin
Ms. Cynthia Mason
Dr. Janet P. McDaniel
Tim and Trish McDonald
Nancy McGaughey and Sally Skillman
Robert and Heather McGrath
Karin McLennan
Charles and JoAnn Mead
Faye and Bunny Meisel
Mr. Clifford Mentrup
Taylor Metcalfe
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Meyer
Mr. Michael V. Middleton
Terence G. Milligan
Sonia R. Milrod
Dr. Stanley R. Milstein §
Norbert Mollmann
Mr. Steven Monder
Charlie Moorman
John and Irene Morrison
Ms. Kate Mountjoy
Mr. and Mrs. William Mullins
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Myer III
Kathy and Rochelle Nardiello
Mrs. David A. Nelson
Jim and Sharon Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. John Niehaus
Ms. Jane Nocito
Jane Oberschmidt §
Mrs. Janet K. Osborn
Nan L. Oscherwitz
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Osterman
Marilyn Z. Ott
John A. Pape
Mr. and Mrs. R. Joseph Parker
Mr. Stephen Peterson
Mr. Mark Phillips
Sandy Pike §
Ann and Marty Pinales
Ms. Marta Pisarka
Mr. Larry R. Plum
Chris and Janice Plummer
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Popp
Ms. Martha Ragland
Paul and Ruth Ann Ravenna
Beverly and Dan Reigle
Edward J. Requardt §
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Rhame
Dr. Robert Rhoad and Kitsa Tassian Rhoad
Becky and Ted Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roberson
Ms. Gwen Robinson
Dr. Toni Robinson-Smith and Mr. Edgar L. Smith, Jr.
Ms. Jeanne C. Rolfes
John and Meredith Roos
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Roselle
Amy and John Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. G. Roger Ross
Mrs. Richard B. Salzer
Mr. and Mrs. Kazuya Sato
David and Judy Savage
Mr. Christian J. Schaefer
Jane and Wayne Schleutker
Jeffrey S. Schloemer and Marcia A. Banker
George Palmer Schober
Glenda C. Schorr Fund*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schorr
Carol J. Schroeder §
James Schubert
Mary D. Schweitzer
Mr. Shawn Scott
Martha S. Seaman §
Peter Seidel
Mrs. Lawrence Shapiro
Judith Sharp
Drs. Mick and Nancy Shaughnessy
Alfred and Carol Shikany
Jonathan and Diana Sisk
Ms. Martha Slager
Arthur J. Slavin
Ms. Dawn Smith
Jennifer S. Smith
Mark Smith
Stephen and Lyle Smith
Susan and David Smith
Jeff & Juddy Solomon Fund*
Mrs. John A. Spiess
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Spiewak
Marian P. Stapleton
John Steele, Sr.
Christopher and Meghan Stevens
Mr. Jason V. Stitt
Stephanie and Joseph Stitt
Mrs. Donald C. Stouffer
Patricia Strunk §
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Sweeny, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Talbot, Jr.
Mr. Fred Tegarden
Tom and Sue Terwilliger
Carol Thaman
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thomson
Cliff and Diane Thornsburg
Greg Tiao and Lisa Kuan
Marcia and Bob Togneri
Neil Tollas and Janet Moore
Torey and Tom Torre
Dr. and Mrs. Haig G. Tozbikian
Ms. Barb Trauth
Paul and Diana Trenkamp
Dr. Ilse van der Bent
Dr. Judith Vermillion
Vincent Lighting Systems
Mr. Stephen Vogel
Ms. Barbara Wagner
Mary and Jack Wagner §
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wainscott
Michael L. Walton, Esq.
Sarella Walton
Carole and Ed Warfel
Herman & Margaret Wasserman Music Fund*
Dr. and Mrs. Warren A. Webster
Mrs. William N. Weed
Ted and Mary Ann Weiss
Mr. Louis Weisser
Maryhelen West
Barbara Weyand
Mr. Donald White
Ms. Elizabeth White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. Dean Windgassen and Ms. Susan Stanton Windgassen §
Harvey and Susan Wittenberg
Mrs. Ann Wolford
Don and Karen Wolnik
Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy
Mr. and Mrs. Stacey Woolley
Mrs. Richard Wurzelbacher
Mr. John M. Yacher
Dr. and Mrs. Marvyn H. Youkilis
Mrs. Darleen Young
Mr. David Youngblood and Ms. Ellen Rosenman
Moritz and Barbara Ziegler
Irene A. Zigoris
Ms. Nancy Zimpher
John and Mary Ann Zorio
Anonymous (22)

List as of September 10, 2019

* Denotes a fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

§ Denotes members of The Thomas Schippers Legacy Society. Individuals who have made a planned gift to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Pops Orchestra are eligible for membership in the Society.


For more information, please contact Kate Farinacci at 513-744-3202.