Christopher Philpotts

Instrument: English Horn/Oboe

Education: Boston University School for the Arts and College-Conservatory of Music/University of Cincinnati

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Neighborhood: Clifton

Joined the CSO in 2002

Professional experiences: Have played English Horn with Dayton Phil., Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra as well as many quest appearances in concerti and chamber music. Also serves as principal oboe Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra.

Inspiration as a musician: Pretty much everything has some influence in the creative process? We are somehow connected - good and bad!

Favorite Orchestral Work: Mahler’s 4th Symphony - it was one of my first experiences in as Principal oboe in school. Such a vibrant work!

Current playlist: Way too much to list. I will say that my tastes are very eclectic! It keeps things interesting.

Favorite things to do in Cincinnati? The Zoo, the parks, all the great eateries, concert venues and museums. Such vibrant city!

What activities/organizations are you involved in outside of the CSO? I do a lot of teaching and masterclasses around the country which I like. I also like to compose and play more crossover kinds of music. I hope to find time to do more.

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking and would like to dabble with watercolors a bit more.

Fun fact about Christopher: I’m able to make a reed with my eyes closed (I didn’t say it was good, though)

How can the Orchestra make the world a better place?: I think that Orchestras provide an audience the ability to leave the troubles of the day behind. People find themselves awash with beautiful sonorities and are often transported to a better place. Even though it is temporary, there is a cathartic effect!