Doug Lindsay head shot

Douglas Lindsay

Instrument: Trumpet

Education: Baldwin Wallace University, Manhattan School of Music

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Current neighborhood: Downtown Cincinnati

Joined the CSO in 1991

Favorite orchestral work: Bruckner’s Symphony No. 9

Activities/organizations outside of the CSO: Professor of Trumpet at Miami University

Fun fact about Douglas: I’m a fluent Spanish speaker!

Funniest concert memory: During a performance of the Mambo from Bernstein's West Side Story, a maraca broke open in the percussion section and the beads from inside went flying throughout the orchestra. One bead found its way into a trumpeter's instrument and got lodged in the water key. The next thing that player played was a soft solo and bead wedged open the water key making the trumpet sound horrible. Not funny at the time but now many years later, we laugh quite a bit at this!

Strangest place to practice: Balcony of timeshare condo overlooking 3rd hole on a golf course. Strange but somehow the perfect place to practice!