Dwight Parry

Instrument: Oboe

Education: BM, USC with Allan Vogel and David Weiss. MM, CIM with John Mack. 

Hometown: Ventura, California 

Neighborhood: Oakley, Ohio 

Joined the CSO in 2007

Inspiration as a musician: People. Social interaction, relationships, peace and drama, excitement and repose. Music is an expression of everything in life, including nature and technology, but particularly the ways in which we interact with other people.

Favorite orchestral work: Mahler Symphony No. 2.

Activities outside of the CSO: DIY weekend warrior on my property! Building things, fixing things, breaking things, then fixing them again. Playing disc golf. Cooking fancy meals.

Current playlist: I usually listen to classic rock, jazz or NPR while driving. 

Favorite thing to do in Cincinnati: Visit our many excellent parks, especially those hidden gems that I hope remain hidden! 

Fun fact: I used to ride dirt bikes in the desert every weekend with my dad when I was a kid. I’m more cautious with bodily injury, but playing the oboe is like a high wire act so I still take risks!

How can the Orchestra make the world a better place? By inviting any and all to come share in this beautiful community of music.