Felicity James

Instrument: violin

Education: The Colburn School

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Neighborhood: Mt. Adams

Joined the CSO in 2022

Where do you draw inspiration from as a musician? From fellow musicians and creative artists of all mediums! Every artist has something unique to offer and I find it very inspiring to be able to learn something new from everyone.

Favorite orchestral work? It constantly changes, but Brahms Symphony No. 4 is always at the top of my list.

What's on your playlist? I listen to a lot of choral music. One of my favorite groups is Voces8. I've probably listened to every song they've ever recorded. Some of my favorite choral works are Rachmaninoff's Vespers, Howells' Requiem, Hindemith's Six Chansons, Arvo Pärt's Nunc Dimittis... I could go on forever. 

Hobbies outside of music? I have too many! Some of my current favorites are reading, ice skating and studying languages. 

How can the Orchestra make the world a better place? By connecting people of all backgrounds and walks of life under the common language of music.