Julian Wilkison

Instrument: Viola

Education: Duke University, Eastman School of Music

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Neighborhood: Anderson Township

Joined the CSO in 1988

Professional experiences: Corbett Quartet (32 years)

Inspiration as a musician: My faith in God and the nature given to us.        

Favorite Orchestral Work: Constantly changing.

Current playlist: Classical, Rock and Jazz.  

Favorite things to do in Cincinnati? Spend time with my family. Reds and Bengal games.

What activities/organizations are you involved in outside of the CSO? Horizon Church (Newtown)    

Hobbies: Saltwater fishing, collecting rare musical instruments and bows, and all sports.

Fun fact about Julian: I grew up on a horse ranch.

Oddest practice quarters: In the dark of the laundry room.

How can the Orchestra make the world a better place?: Perform the greatest music with sincerity and love.