Philip Marten head shot

Philip Marten

Instrument: Violin

Education: Bachelor of Music from Rice University

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Current neighborhood: Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

Joined the CSO in 2018

Inspirations as a musician: I feel like I am most inspired by the musicians I play with. It is amazing to me how nearly every musician I’ve met has something totally unique to offer, whether it is a philosophy, a technique, or a stylistic concept. Getting to explore these ideas and knowing that there will always be more is what keeps me practicing and excited about music.

Hobbies: Having minored in sociology as an undergraduate, I try to stay informed as to the ongoing research done in that field. During the warmer months I grill as often as possible. I also enjoy many forms of popular entertainment, such as movies, books, television and video games.

How can the Orchestra make the world a better place? I think orchestras provide a singular creative experience. The range of repertoire takes creativity to a level that I believe can teach us and push us to improve our thinking outside of the concert hall. Learning (even in the course of a single concert) to follow a theme from one instrument to another, and then hear it transformed, broken down and put back together again can open up our brains in a real, tangible way that helps us to process information and emotions.