Randy Bowman head shot

Randolph Bowman

Instrument: Flute

Education: Bachelor of Music from New England Conservatory, Boston

Hometown: Carmel, California

Neighborhood: Hyde Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

Joined the CSO in 1990

Activities outside of the CSO: Linton Chamber music, concert:nova

Inspirations as a musician: The great artists of the past and present – those who have exceeded the normal limits of their instruments and/or compositional conventions to create something new and unique.

Current Playlist: Mark Knopfler, Alison Krause, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, Sting, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin

Fun fact about Randolph: I started my musical career in high school playing blues harmonica with friends in a garage band. Flute study didn’t start until college, when my interest in music overtook my original plan to go to art school.

How can the Orchestra make the world a better place? I recently read a piece that clearly illustrated the need for music and art in the world. It asked the question of anyone who considered the arts expendable, to deprive themselves of music, books, movies, television, etc... anything that involved the work of people who create... That would make this a very bleak planet indeed!