Rebecca Kruger Fryxell

Instrument: Violin

Education: Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from Indiana University

Hometown: Columbus, Georgia

Current neighborhood: Clifton

Joined the CSO in 1985

Inspirations as a musician: I love sitting in the violin section and being surrounded by the sound of the entire orchestra. For me, there's nothing like the goosebumps I experience during a particularly powerful passage of a piece as it's happening all around me. I also really enjoy all of the soaring melodies I get to play as a first violinist.

Favorite thing to do in Cincinnati: I walk a lot so I appreciate being able to do so while taking in the beautiful parks and interesting old buildings in the city.

Fun facts about Rebecca: I’m a closet soprano. I once shocked my colleagues (and myself!) by singing part of the “Queen of the Night” soprano aria during an orchestra only  rehearsal of Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute”.

I enjoy reading, I’m an avid Jeopardy! fan, and I’m addicted to the New York Times Spelling Bee and crossword puzzles.