Head shot of Ron Aufmann

Ronald Aufmann

Instrument: Bass Clarinet
Cincinnati, Ohio
Current Neighborhood:
Bachelor of Music from Indiana University
Joined the CSO in 1986

Professional Experiences: Washington Opera, Terrace Theater Orchestra, Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, Parnassus Wind Quintet

Inspiration as a musician: I like the sound of harmony. The colors as the music moves forward.

Favorite things to do in Cincinnati: Walk through the city and enjoy the varied architecture.

Favorite food: Many things, my favorite drink is beer, especially hoppy beer.

Activities/organizations outside of the CSO: Bravo Music, Inc and C/3 (Cincinnati Clarinet Consortium).

Hobbies: This past year I’ve enjoyed spending a lot of time with my family (Carol, Daniel and Winnie the dog) cooking, baking, making ice cream and just hanging out.

Funniest concert memory: Pops at Riverbend. I was part of a small jazz group featured in front of the orchestra when a squall blew in. I remember having to play while one of the other players tried to keep my music stand from being blown over!

Where is the strangest place that you’ve ever practiced? In a Sleeper Car on the way to Florida one summer. I have a picture of me with my clarinet in the compartment.