Yang Liu head shot

Yang Liu

Instrument: Violin

Education: Bachelor of Music and Master of Music both from College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati

Hometown: Huangshi, China

Current Neighborhood: Batavia, Ohio

Joined the CSO in 2015

What do you draw inspiration from as a musician? Travel, old orchestral recordings and most importantly- Mother nature.

Favorite orchestral work: Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2

What's on your playlist? Frank Sinatra

Funniest concert memory: I broke my E string twice during one Symphony...

Favorite things to do in Cincinnati: Going to different breweries with my friends.

Favorite meal or food: Sichuan spicy food and hot pot.

Hobbies outside of music: Trail running and golf.

Oddest practice quarters: I once had to practice on a train; other odd practice areas include a swimming pool changing room and a bathroom.