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Fanfare Magazine is the official program book magazine of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Pops, published in partnership with Cincinnati Magazine. Within its pages, you will find content to help shape your understanding of the music you will experience, stories of the people who work on and off the stage, and information about organization-wide initiatives and developments.

As part of the CSO’s ongoing commitment to digital storytelling and innovation, we have expanded Fanfare Magazine to include an online platform for our program book content, which contains all the information found in the printed Fanfare Magazine, plus a host of complementary digital-only content, such as videos, links to additional material and articles, up-to-the-minute information, and so much more. The digital program is concert specific and is available for viewing several weeks in advance of a concert. So, you can explore the digital program before coming down to Music Hall.

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The CSO & Pops hopes you find inspiration within these pages and within the music—past, present and future—that reverberates at Music Hall and in the community. It is our honor and privilege to share these stories with you.

Fanfare Magazine Issues


November & December 2023

ON THE COVER: Standing at the entry to Eden Park is the iconic Elsinore Arch. In 1883, Cincinnati Water Works needed a new valve house near Eden Park. As the story goes, Music Hall hosted a Shakespearean Dramatic Festival in the spring of 1883, during which Hamlet was performed. A large (65-by-65 foot) beautifully painted backdrop of Elsinore Castle was part of the production. This backdrop became the inspiration behind the Elsinore Arch, which Charles B. Hannaford, son of Samuel Hannaford of the architectural firm Samuel Hannaford & Sons, built in late 1883. Samuel Hannaford was the architect for Cincinnati Music Hall and City Hall.

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