by Kayla Moore

You are widely regarded for your unique and personal interpretation of each piece you take on. What affects you when learning, internalizing, and ultimately performing a piece?

Thank you! For me, one of the most important processes of preparing a piece is studying the score and trying to place myself in the composer’s shoes as closely as possible. I need to have a clear understanding of the score before finding my own voice in the music, as well as finding freedom within structure.

What inspires you?

There are so many situations, places and people that inspire me a great deal. I’ve always found nature to be very inspiring and healing in many ways. Also connecting with all kinds of people around the world and growing as a person through new encounters is a strong source of inspiration for me. Something that never fails to inspire and motivate me is meeting people who are deeply passionate about their profession, no matter what field they might be in. That kind of energy is contagious.

What advice would you give your younger self as you were first coming into the global forefront of classical music performance?

In general I would tell my younger self to let go a little more. I was very introverted when I was younger, and I kept a lot of emotions bottled up. Ultimately, I released a lot of it through music, but as I grew older I realized I had to teach myself how to let go and get out of my own head.

Was there a certain moment when you decided to dedicate your life to music and share your music with the world? What made you want to pursue your passion and make it your career?

I think it was an accumulation of really fantastic experiences, rather than one specific moment, that made me want to pursue a career in music. I have had a natural bond with music since I was a kid, and I was fortunate to have been exposed to great recordings and live performances from a very early age. As music lovers themselves, my parents had an extensive CD collection and often took me along to concerts they went to hear.

I had a lot of other interests as I was growing up, and I was quite lucky to have had opportunities to dabble in various interests of mine. But ultimately I always wanted to come back to music. Discovering music, working with musicians, and performing and sharing music with people have always been the greatest joys for me.

Do you have a favorite piece to perform? A favorite composer?

It’s difficult to pick just one favorite composer, of course, but my current favorite composers are Bach and Shostakovich. Their music is worlds apart, and I love their works for different reasons. I’ve loved Bach since I was a child—there’s an endless amount to learn from his music, even when at first glance it looks quite simple, and I love the feeling of peace and stability I get when playing or hearing his compositions. I immersed myself in the world of Shostakovich when I was a bit older and was instantly fascinated by the unique manner in which he captures darkness and controls time in the most magical way.

What do you do in your spare time while traveling the world for performances?

I enjoy having new experiences, whether it’s exploring new cities, discovering new food, or meeting new people. Keeping my body healthy while traveling is important to me, so I try to do a lot of yoga along with cardio exercise. Reading or watching movies is a great source of inspiration for me, and I also love connecting with my followers on Facebook and Instagram as I travel around!