April & May 2023

Revisiting Old Landmarks and Making New Discoveries

by Ken Smith

Those who shuttle back and forth from one point to another often find it rewarding to vary the route. For Louis Langrée, who ends his tenure as Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Music Director next season, the commute between Paris and the United States still yields new discoveries, especially when passing the old landmarks from different directions.


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A Homecoming of Music:
Ragtime with the Cincinnati Pops

by Erica Reid

April 28–30, the Cincinnati Pops unveils an incredible symphonic concert version of Broadway’s Ragtime, which follows three American stories—those of Eastern European immigrants, Harlem’s African American community, and upper-class white families of New Rochelle—that collide and converge to tell a complex tale of turn-of-the-century America.

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Welcome from the President and CEO

Posed “behind the scenes” at Music Hall, on the cover, are our 7- to 8-year-old students alongside our professional orchestra members and artistic leaders, a testament that music really is for all. The stories in this issue of Fanfare Magazine continue the vision of the cover by bringing each of our musical ensembles center stage—Nouveau Program, Classical Roots Community Choir, Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestras and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra—and show the full breadth and depth of what we do.

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Childs, Banks bring the saxophone to center stage, with a dose of poetic inspiration

Banks will be touring with Childs’ concerto for another two years, for performances with the work’s 10 commissioning partners. “I want to cement the saxophone’s classical future with music written by the composers at the center of today’s classical music,” he says. “But because Billy is so well known as a jazz figure, a lot of people from that world might come into the concert hall and have their eyes opened.”

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Honoring Retiring Orchestra Musicians

As the 2022–23 season comes to a close, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra congratulates and honors seven musicians on their retirements—violinists Michelle Edgar Dugan and Sylvia Mitchell, cellist Daniel Culnan, bassist James Lambert, trumpeters Robert Sullivan and Steven Pride, and bass trombonist Peter Norton. Together, they have served within the Orchestra for a combined 246 years, performing in countless concerts, tours and recordings. Five of these soon-to-be retirees offered memories of their time with the Orchestra and discussed their plans for the next chapter.

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