LOLLIPOPS: “Postcards Across America,” Daniel Wiley conducting

by Erica Reid

Tour the United States through music in Lollipops: Postcards Across America! This “road trip” includes visits to the Shenandoah Valley, the Rocky Mountains and the California coast—and, of course, a trip back home to the mighty Ohio. Along the way, you’ll see the country’s most magnificent landscapes through drone footage shown on screen.

We asked Lollipops conductor Daniel Wiley a few questions:

What inspired you to create Lollipops: Postcards Across America?

I have seen a lot of this country. I know how beautiful this country is, how diverse this country is. This is a great opportunity to share that.

Can you name one place in the U.S. that you have not yet visited?

Hm… I want to go to the coast of Maine.

What is one thing you love about your new home in Cincinnati?

What I love about Cincinnati is that, for me, it’s all right here. It’s an arts magnet and there’s a lively culture here. It’s a crossroads of America.