Virtual Sound Discoveries

For each lesson in all four modules, a video lesson and instructional PDF are available for free. A new lesson video will release quarterly in the 2021-2022 school year. Be sure to register to receive communications when new content is available! We also can provide a limited amount of supplies to schools/groups and households who are within Greater Cincinnati.



For the PDF Lesson Plans for each video, click the hyperlinked Lesson Title under the video category.  

*Supplies requests are for schools within 30 mile radius or single households.

Music Lesson Outlines

Lesson 1: How to Make Panpipes

Lesson 2: How to Play Your Panpipes

Panpipes Cincinnati is a composition by Tim Berens for strings and student-made instruments (panpipes, rainstick, tenor drum). Several weeks of the Music Module will include lessons to create these three instruments, learn the parts, and play along with video of CSO musicians performing Panpipes Cincinnati. We recommend this project for grades 3rd and up. We have a limited amount of pre-made panpipe kits available for schools to request. 

Lesson 3: Make Your Own Rainstick

Lesson 4: Rhythmic Patterns and Melody

Lesson 5: Learn Panpipes Cincinnati 

Lesson 6: Make Your Own Drum

Lesson 7: Play Your Drum (Panpipes Cincinnati)

Lesson 8: Make and Play a Kazoo!

Lesson 9: Play your Rainstick (Panpipes Cincinnati)

Lesson 10: Make an Egg Shaker!

Lesson 11: Fun with the Brass Family!

Lesson 12: The Wonderful Woodwinds!

Lesson 13: The Thing About Strings!

Lesson 14: Just Hit It!

Lesson 15 (2 parts): The Music All Around Us (with Mindful Music)

Panpipes Cincinnati Parts and Score

Score  Panpipes part Tenor Drum part

Rainstick part Violin part Cello part