CSYO: Fred, it is a thrill to talk to you after having your wife be in our spotlight in September. We are curious about your favorite memory during your time with the CSYO.

FT: Performing Pines of Rome with the CSO. It was an awesome experience playing with world class musicians.

CSYO: What a great piece! We know that the annual Side-by-Side concert is an amazing experience. Like your wife, you balance professional playing with another career. What are you doing now?

FT: I hold a full-time sales job in IT and office solutions for corporate and federal government clients. I also regularly perform as an extra percussionist with the CSO, Cincinnati Ballet and Cincinnati Opera. I am Principal Timpanist with the Springfield Symphony, Timpanist/Percussionist with the Blue Ash/Montgomery Symphony, Percussionist and assistant timpanist of the Middletown Symphony and Principal Timpanist of the Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony.

CSYO: With everything that you do you must have some great highlights from your life and career. What stands out so far?

FT: I have performed for a wide variety of shows. I toured with Perry Como as percussionist/timpanist for several years. I have gone on tour with the CSO many times including several trips to Carnegie Hall and the 2004 European tour. I have recorded numerous CDs with the CSO and Cincinnati Pops orchestras. One of the coolest moments was performing Mahler 5 in Vienna, Austria. In 2001 I performed the Battle Symphony at Carnegie Hall shortly after 9/11. It was a stirring performance.

CSYO: What, if any, impact did the CSYO have on your career choice?

FT: The CSYO was an experience that brought orchestral music to the forefront for me. I realized that this was the type of playing I wanted to do. I pursued my studies of orchestral percussion with greater passion once exposed to this group. The experience gained from this group I consider priceless. I can still tell you the first piece I performed with the CSYO - Overture to Candide. I still love it!

CSYO: We asked your wife if she could only listen to one piece of music for the rest of her life what would it be. We are curious to know what your choice would be. Is there just one piece you could name?

FT: Beethoven 9!