CSYO: We love to hear everyone's favorite memory of their time in the orchestra. Do you have a favorite?

GT: The trip we took to Indianapolis to play with the Indianapolis youth symphony in early 1982. Even though we had a foot of snow that caused the concert to be cancelled I got to know other members of the orchestra since our departure was delayed a day.

CSYO: We know that music still plays an important part in your life but what else are you doing now?

GT: I am a supervisor of International Trade Compliance at Standard Textile in Reading, OH. I also am a Licensed Customs Broker. I am the principal harpist of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (Ohio) and I freelance and teach in the Greater Cincinnati area.

CSYO: Looking back at this point in your career and life what are some highlights you can share?

GT: I received by BM from DePauw University and my MM from CCM. They were both in harp performance. I married my best friend, Fred Thiergartner (Percussion/timpani) in 1993. Our son, Freddy, was born in 1998. One highlight of my career is that I performed the Handel Harp Concerto with the Springfield Symphony in 2014.

CSYO: What, if any, impact did the CSYO have on your career?

GT: Although I was a pianist in the CSYO I was able to play harp for one of the concerts my sophomore year. The CSYO helped me realize how much I love playing in an orchestra, especially on the harp.

CSYO: Thank you for being in our spotlight this month. We would like to ask one more question to conclude our time today. If you had only one piece of music to listen to for the rest of your life what would it be?

GT: Stravinsky's Firebird!

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