CSYO: Welcome to the Spotlight! We are having a great time reconnecting with our wonderful alums. Thank you for answering a few questions for us. We always like to know if you have a favorite memory from your time in the CSYO. Is there one you would like to share?

SAS: When I was in CSYO, Lauren Roberson was in charge of the Youth Orchestra at that time and when I was hired at the CSO in 2013, it was like hopping back in time when I saw her here at the CSO as the right hand woman to our president! It’s been a joy to work so closely with her over the years, both in CSYO and at CSO.

CSYO: It must be very exciting to see both sides of an organization! What are some of the highlights from your life and career so far?

SAS: Since my time in the CSYO, I completed my undergraduate studies at CCM in Music History and Music Theory. Directly after college I started graduate school in Arts Administration at CCM with a dual track degree to get my MBA at the College of Business. After an internship with the Kentucky Symphony and Constella Festival, I graduated grad school and was hired as the Annual Fund Manager at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. A little over a year later I was promoted to the Corporate Relations Manager position where I interfaced with corporations to raise over $1 million annually for the Orchestra and helped with all four years of LUMENOCITY. As I am planning to get married in 2017, I have taken a position as the Director of Corporate Relations at the Cincinnati Museum Center to allow me to have more time on the nights and weekends with my family. Additionally, to be able to come to all my favorite CSO and Pops concerts without having to worry about a radio ear piece in my ear and if sponsors need to go backstage. I look forward to being in the audience again and watching my former teacher, Marna Street in the viola section.

CSYO: SO far you have had an amazing journey. Did the CSYO have an impact on your career choice?

SAS: My career in arts administration was impacted by the CSYO and my love of music.

CSYO: For many people it can be difficult to pinpoint an absolute favorite piece of music. Is there a piece that is significant and special for you?

SAS: Gosh this is always a hard question, one of my favorite chamber pieces that I heard our CCM Fellows perform at our Opening Night Gala is Por una Cabeza, that I performed in my high school quintet. Within an orchestra setting, I would have to say the best viola parts are Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

CSYO: We read a lot of research about the importance of arts in education. How does/did music fuel your creativity and learning?

SAS: Music fuels my creativity and learning in many ways. Even in my daily work, listening to music can help me be more creative in my writing for proposals to our corporate supporters. I have also noticed my learning is impacted by music; I often need multi-sensory experiences to get the most out of learning something new. It is more effective for me to take notes while you are talking in order for me to retain information, rather than having you just talk to me. Much like hearing the music as you play it, but reading it on the page.

CSYO: Thank you so much for sharing with us Sarah Anne. We know you are about to start a new chapter in your life and will have many more highlights to share in the future. Congratulations and good luck!