May 3-4, 2019 | 8 pm | Music Hall

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Daniil Trifonov, “without question the most astounding pianist of our age” (The Times, London), performs an audience favorite by Beethoven.


JOHN ADAMS: Tromba lontana
BEETHOVEN: Piano Concerto No. 5, Emperor
ARVO PÄRT: Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten
STRAVINSKY: Symphony in C


Louis Langrée, conductor
Daniil Trifonov, piano


Music Hall

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Concert Duration

About 1 hour 55 minutes with intermission

What's Interesting

  • The New Yorker says of our guest pianist for these concerts: "What sets Trifonov apart is a pair of attributes that are seldom found in one pianist: monstrous technique and lustrous tone." Read more
  • No one really knows how Beethoven’s final concerto got the title Emperor. One story goes that a French soldier shouted “C’est l’Empereur!” ("This is the Emperor!") at its premiere.
  • Beethoven wrote his fifth piano concerto in 1809, the same year Napoleon’s French army marched the suburbs of Vienna. Beethoven used pillows to protect his hearing as cannon fire flooded the city.
  • What's a concerto? We're glad you asked.
  • We close the concert with Stravinsky's Symphony in C, which Stravinsky himself conducted at Music Hall in 1940.

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