CSO PROOF: Delorean Days

January 13, 2021 | 7:30 pm | Music Hall

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 A collective memory of the future.


Members of the CSO
William Brittelle, composition and creation
Kate Nordstrum, creative producer
Andrea Hyde, art direction


Performances & Additional Composition:
Holland Andrews, Channy Leaneagh, Will Johnson, lead vocals
Immanuel Wilkins, sax
Ian Chang, percussion
Erika Dohi, synth
Chris Fishman, keys
Rafiq Bhatia, guitar
Jackson Hill, bass


A Liquid Music production commissioned and premiered by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra


Music Hall


CSO Proof

What's Interesting

When asked how best to approach the irreversible effects of climate change, preeminent climatologist William deBuys advocates for a deep sense of elegy—a sincere deeply felt farewell anchored by a palpable sense of loss. Regardless of humanity's ongoing efforts to mitigate its effects, climate change will assuredly erase our once imagined future, morphing it into something far more complicated and challenging. Opportunities to fully realize the gravity of this shift in any collective way are few and far between. Grounded in the retro-futurism of '80's culture, Delorean Days serves as this requiem for our collective lost future via a semi-narrative, semi-staged evening-length song cycle. Juxtaposing newly composed songs for an electro-acoustic ensemble of dynamic musical polymaths with re-contextualized elements of the '80's sound that has come to soundtrack our collective nostalgia, Delorean Days uses the language of our shared past to look forward into our uncertain future.