CSO Proof: The Right To Be Forgotten

May 1, 2021 | 7:30 pm | Music Hall


This performance has been cancelled. A new CSO Proof: Creative Conversation will take its place. View details.


The Right to Be Forgotten: Volume One
words & music by Gabriel Kahane

Co-commissioned by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Oregon Symphony


Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Teddy Abrams, conductor


Music Hall

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CSO Proof

What's Interesting

Do you remember your brain before the internet? Before you became tethered to a tiny computer that travels on an infinite loop from nightstand to pocket to purse to your hand and back again? Were your dreams different? Did you wander the streets of a strange city, and did you delight in the terror of getting lost?

In a new song cycle by turns personal and public-facing, Gabriel Kahane examines our cultural and economic obsessions with convenience and efficiency, and the debts that accrue as a result: debts to labor, to the planet, to privacy, and increasingly, to our free will.