March 31, 2020 | 10:30 am | Music Hall


This concert is canceled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. Ticket info.


HIGDON: Machine

BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5, I. Allegro con brio

ANDRIESSEN: Workers Union

ANDERSON: The Typewriter

RAUTAVAARA: Cantus Arcticus, "Concerto for Birds and Orchestra", II. Melancholy

MONICK: Spring Thaw (Melody Contest Premiere)

SHOSTAKOVICH: Chamber Symphony, Op. 110a, II. Allegro molto


François López-Ferrer, conductor

Cristian Ganicenco, trombone and loop pedal

Julien Monick, composer

Music Resource Center, collaborator 


Music Hall

Ticket Prices

$4 with discounts and funding assistance available


Young People's Concerts

What's Interesting

Learn about the orchestra's code, innovative instruments and electronic elements in symphonic music. 


Congratulations to our Student Melody Contest Winners:

Elana Perry, 8th Grade, "A Spring's Cold Breeze"

Chloe Garcia, 7th Grade, "A Soft Breeze"

Briar Schoettle, 6th Grade, "A Stroll"

Julien Monick is the commissioned composer for the Plugged In Melody Contest premiere, which will feature the melodies of all three winners. 


Although the contest entry deadline has passed, explore the prompt and composition activity below. 

Melody Contest Info