Meet Lala

Your Look Around guide, Lala, welcomes you.

Lala mascot for Look Around

Name: Lala (My name is fun to say, like “la la la la la la laaaaaa.” When you say it, you’re singing.)

Favorite song: I’m really into Caroline Shaw lately. Did you know you can hear her music on the CSO's 125th season? I like things that are new, because my ears get tuned in a different way. I may not like everything that I hear, but I always learn something about my myself!

Favorite food: Restaurants in OTR serve all my favorites—hot dogs, waffles, pizza, fried chicken and…ice cream!

Notable: My piano teacher quit me. (I can be quite a handful sometimes!) Maybe that’s why I’m so in awe of the artistry and talent of musicians?!

Favorite quote: "You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note." —Doug Floyd 

Beliefs: Just like works of art, we’re all different. I’m different. You’re different. We’re all different! Maybe we can find common ground through art and music. Will you join me?

Lala Invites You to Music Hall

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