Concerts for Under 40s

We welcome people of all ages at our concerts, and we've highlighted a few events here that might be particularly interesting if you're new to the experience or if you're south of 40. Open minds and curious spirits are welcomed!

Yes, we're a little biased, but the CSO is awe-inspiring music set in a beautiful venue dripping with Cincinnati history. Check out these CSO and Pops events and explore accessible ticket pricing options with Music for All.

"There's a lot to experience in our city right now, but an evening with the symphony at Music Hall is as captivating as anything out there." —Sean, Cincinnati

"The CSO and Pops attract a diverse array of people. It's a fantastic way to meet rising leaders, engage in our city's incredible arts scene and create lasting friendships.” —Rob, Cincinnati

CSO Proof

A new way to experience the CSO. Digital and physical realms collide with this year's Proof. Step away from your electronics and live in the moment at an in-person performance that explores the debts of convenience. Then, join us digitally for the performance debut of the first material generated through The Meta Simulacrum, an alternate digital reality platform. Browse CSO Proof concerts.


Engage with music in surprising new ways with a variety of pre- and post-concert experiences at Music Hall.