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Cincinnati Symphony & Pops Orchestra

Cincinnati Symphony & Pops Orchestra

The artists of the Cincinnati Symphony & Pops Orchestra are world-class, inspirational performers who have come from around the globe to live and work as members of the Greater Cincinnati community. The high level of artistry and musicianship they bring to the stage plays a major role in enhancing the quality of life and the vitality of this region.

Your Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra

Spotlight on Rachel Charbel

For this Spotlight we feature CSO Violinist (Ida Ringling North Chair) Rachel Charbel. In coming months we’ll continue to spotlight other musicians, patrons or leaders within the CSO and Pops community.

If It Sounds Good, It is Good!

John Morris Russell

An unusual profession, such as conducting, prompts folks you meet to ask you A LOT of questions—which I am always happy to answer. I figure the more people know about what I do, the more they will get out of the orchestral experience and the extraordinary things our musicians create on stage. Early in my career it was often: “You actually DO this...for a LIVING?” or “Your arms must get REALLY tired!” Nowadays, the most frequent question I get is: “Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode...you know, ‘The Maestro’!?” 

Q+A with Jesús López-Cobos

Fanfare Cincinnati: After serving as Music Director for 15 years, what is it like returning to the CSO, now as Music Director Emeritus?

Jesús López-Cobos: It is for me a very special occasion to come back to Cincinnati where I spent 15 wonderful years musically speaking. And this time I can celebrate the 30th Anniversary since I started as Music Director in 1986.