Joan Voorhees

Instrument: Piccolo and Flute

Education: Bachelor of Arts from UMCP

Hometown: College Park, Maryland

Current neighborhood: North Avondale, Ohio

Joined the CSO in 1991

Activities/organizations outside of the CSO: I teach privately and work with older students preparing for auditions.

Fun fact about Joan: I have 13 kitties – all are rescues! I also love gardening and needlework.

How can the Orchestra make the world a better place? The Orchestra has such a positive impact on every person I meet. They are in awe of the history of the institution itself, love Music Hall, and are overcome by the sound, especially if they have never attended a concert before. I get so much feedback about how the music and the Orchestra enriches peoples’ lives, especially in hard times. Every single one of us that performs here in the Symphony and Pops serves as an ambassador for Cincinnati wherever we travel. I believe the individual musicians make more of a positive impression than they realize. I am so fortunate to be here!