Joanne Wojtowicz head shot

Joanne Wojtowicz

Instrument: Viola

Education: Licenciate from McGill University, Master of Music from Rice University

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Neighborhood: East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio

Joined the CSO in 2008

Inspirations as a musician: Hanging out with geniuses like Mozart and Brahms. Playing their music gives insight into the way their minds work. Playing their music alongside my amazing colleagues gives glimpses into how my colleague’s minds work.

Current playlist: Patrick Watson, Astrid Gilberto, Miles Davis, Augustin Hadelich, Big Bird Discovers the Orchestra, and Walk the Moon

Hobbies: Traveling and cooking – I love discovering new foods, and I actually had the chance to take food tours in Shanghai, China, and San Sebastian during the last two symphony tours!

Fun fact about Joanne: I became a US citizen in January of 2018!