Head shot of Julie Spangler

Julie Spangler

Instrument: Piano for the Cincinnati Pops

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University

Hometown: Bryan, Ohio

Current neighborhood: Kennedy Heights, Ohio

Joined the CSO in 1991

Inspiration as a musician: I am inspired by all forms of music, and by the incredible artistry and imagination of the people who create it. I grew up loving infectious rock and pop music, and that certainly has played a role in how I play today!

Favorite things to do Cincinnati: Walk in the Hamilton County Parks, bike the Loveland Trail, eat fabulous food, and hear amazing local musical artists and bands all over the city.

Activities and organizations outside of the CSO: I am the liturgical children’s choir director at my parish. I play regularly in the CSO Chamber Series and concert:nova. I get to play occasionally with some of the ridiculously talented jazz artists in Cincinnati. The jazz scene in this town is insane, just saying. And I am the mother of two pretty busy girls; I’m sure that counts as an organization!  

Hobbies: Walking, cooking (I’m not the best but I like it), reading classic literature. I listen to a million podcasts. I am an NPR junkie. My favorite hobby is going out to hear my husband Roger Klug, who truly is a mind-blowing guitarist.