Nicholas Mariscal

Instrument: Cello

Education: BM, Indiana University, 2014; MM and GC (Graduate Certificate), University of Southern California, 2018; New World Symphony, 2020

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

Neighborhood: Covington, Kentucky

Joined the CSO in 2023

What's on your playlist? I'm actually kind of a sucker for sad songs, so usually some kind of moody indie or alternative music! If it’s classical, it’s often something 20th-century or later.

Favorite food? I will never say no to good Mexican food!

How can the Orchestra make the world a better place? Coming from a non-musical family, it’s always been very important to me to make and present music in a way that feels accessible and meaningful to those who aren’t necessarily familiar with our art form. I believe we should always endeavor to make what we do as inviting and inclusive as possible, and in this way we can make sure that everyone has the opportunity to have great art in their lives.