Faster, easier, smoother... and not bad on the eyes.

Over the past year, we have been working diligently to upgrade our website experience to better match our patrons' needs and requests. 

Read below for highlights of upgrades and features you can look forward to on this new site. 

A reimagined website—and a new calendar 

We've heard you! Audience members have asked for a website (and in particular, a concert calendar) that was easier to use and more intuitive to navigate.

Visit the calendar here. Try viewing the calendar as a grid, filtering by "Kids + Family," or simply scroll to see what's on the horizon.


Improved mobile experience 

It's 2019, and audience members are increasingly buying tickets on-the-go. Our new site features a responsive layout that adjusts to cell phones and tablets of all sizes. Also look for a cleaner, easier path to purchase tickets. 


Increased website speed

Say goodbye to slooooow page loads! You will notice much quicker load times on this site. 


Stronger storytelling 

Our new pages offer opportunities for more photos and other media, reviews, and extra stories to help give context to concerts and performers. Visit the page for our 125th Anniversary Concert for an example of just some of this new content.


Improved online donation experience 

Nothing should stand in the way of anyone who is interested in supporting our Orchestra! Our new approach to online giving will make this process smoother than in the past. Ready to try it out? Start here.



When you log into our new website, you may be offered information specific to your account. This will help us serve you better in the future by offering, for example, tailored concert recommendations. 



We are proud that our new website better adheres to modern accessibility standards and best practices through the increased use of user-friendly design, alternative text, contrast and more.


Modern design 

The website is the first full expression of the CSO and Pops' updated brand identities. We love the fresh colors, subtle animations, and overall modern look of the new site.


More to come!

You are looking at the first phase of our new website. Look for more features and improvements in the months to come.  

We would love to know what you think! Drop us a line to let us know how we're doing.