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DJ Queen Celine has been DJing for three years throughout the city of Cincinnati and other cities throughout the U.S. since 2019/2020. Since she was young, she has always had a passion for music. Whether she was listening to Motown on the radio with her Mom on the way to the store or watching 106 & park or MTV with her Dad when he got off work. Celine started playing her first instrument at the age of 9 (Alto-Saxophone), and from there, she spent years participating in as many music/dance environments as possible.

It wasn't until 2019 that Celine felt a heavy desire to retreat to some form of her childhood/teenage happiness; music. One day when she was out with friends, she watched from a distance as a DJ friend began to set up and play music for a community event. Her interest peaked with each musical transition. When she looked around,  she saw people smiling, dancing, and really enjoying life. At that moment, Celine realized that DJing was a deeper artform and saw that they connected their love of music to the audience.
And that was it.  She was HOOKED!

Celine quickly bought her first DJ controller online! As she excitedly waited for it to arrive, she purchased her first speaker from Big Lots for about $20. Once she had everything she needed, she plugged in her headphones and went to work.  She spent hours practicing new techniques and began learning from other DJs in the city. What started as a hobby became a passion/talent she didn't even realize she had in her. She loves to DJ because it allows her to connect with others in a way words just can't. Music brings people together, and she love being a part of those experiences whenever she can.

-Queen Celine

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