About the Riverbend 2.0 Project


On December 14, 2023, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) and our wholly owned subsidiary Music and Event Management, Inc. (MEMI) became owners of the former Coney Island amusement park property. Though preliminary plans are still in development, our ultimate vision is to build one of the nation’s most inspiring, state-of-the-art amphitheaters to attract major artists, enhance audience experience, and unite our community through extraordinary musical experiences.


The new music venue will replace the existing Riverbend Music Center as the home of summer concerts. After the new venue is operational, Riverbend will be repurposed for large-scale festival events, alongside the new venue and PNC Pavilion, as part of a larger music and entertainment campus. PNC Pavilion will continue to operate as usual.


We encourage you to visit this site for the latest updates regarding the project.

Quick Facts

New Music and Entertainment Venue
  • The new music and entertainment venue will be a 21,000-seat outdoor amphitheater featuring cutting-edge performance and entertainment technology and best-in-class guest amenities at an architecturally stunning facility. The goals are to build the nation’s best amphitheater designed to attract the biggest acts in the country, and to serve as an economic driver for the region.

  • The new music and entertainment venue will be built on the former Coney Island property adjacent to the Riverbend Music Center and PNC Pavilion. The final positioning for the new venue on the property has not yet been determined.

  • Riverbend will be retained and, together with the new venue and PNC Pavilion, will create a unique music and entertainment campus that will be utilized for large-scale festival events. PNC Pavilion will continue to operate as usual.

  • The venue will combine cutting-edge technology and innovative architecture, elevating the music experience for both concertgoers and artists. When compared with Riverbend Music Center, the new venue will have a larger capacity and incorporate more reserved seating into the design. It will have increased concessions, parking and bathrooms as well as improved flow of traffic in and out of the venue campus.

Economic Impact

  • Live music contributes $10 billion to the U.S. economy annually. In 2022, the larger music tourism ecosystem generated $43 billion nationally in ticket sales, hotel and lodging accommodations, transportation, dining, and other revenues.

  • Competing regionally and nationally for entertainer tour dates has never been more challenging nor more crucial. This new state-of-the-art venue will provide music lovers with a much-improved contemporary concert experience and enable Cincinnati to compete regionally and nationally for A-tier artists and in-demand tour dates, in turn driving economic impact for the region.

  • Combined with PNC Pavilion and the Riverbend Music Center, as well as other nearby entertainment, parks and recreation destinations, the new venue will create additional jobs and generate year-round economic activity and public revenue.

Coney Island Property

  • Moonlite Gardens has not been operational since 2018, when it was determined to have become unsafe and subsequently denied an occupancy permit by the Cincinnati Fire Department.

  • The amusement park rides at Coney Island were closed and removed from the property in 2019.

  • Prior to MEMI acquiring the Coney Island property, Coney Island and Sunlite Pool were closed by Coney Island, Inc. and will not reopen.

About CSO and MEMI

  • With a legacy dating back 129 years, the CSO is considered one of America’s finest orchestras. The CSO further elevates the city’s vibrant arts scene by serving as the official orchestra for the Cincinnati May Festival, Cincinnati Opera, and Cincinnati Ballet.

  • Moreover, the CSO brings music education in its many forms to as broad a public as possible. These efforts include two youth orchestras, the Nouveau program, Musicians in Schools, the CSO Brass Institute, and one of America’s longest-running Young People’s Concerts series, which was launched more than 100 years ago.

  • MEMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CSO and a leading promoter of live entertainment in Southwest Ohio. MEMI helps to satisfy the Greater Cincinnati community’s sustained love of live music.

  • 100% of MEMI’s net revenues go directly to support the CSO, ensuring its world-class status and enabling it to provide the community with exceptional music and music education programs.

  • MEMI has welcomed 17 million music fans through the doors of its venues, including Riverbend Music Center, PNC Pavilion, Taft Theatre and Taft Ballroom, Rose Music Center at the Heights, the Andrew J Brady Music Center® and the ICON Festival Stage at Smale Park.


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