Young People's Concerts

In the 2022-2023 season, Young People’s Concerts are offered to students and educators in person. Two programs will be added to our digital concert programs. All concert programs include curriculum materials digitally administered in advance including standards-based lesson plans, student-friendly digital materials, and audio recordings. In-person concerts are $4 a seat with ticket discounts and transportation assistance available.

22/23 Young People's Concerts

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Past Concerts from This Season

MAR 1 & 8, 2023

Recommended for grades 4-6

What is a story? Good stories draw us in and hold our attention. Writers use common elements; settings, characters, conflict, and resolution. Explore how composers can create musical stories and capture our imagination. 

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Sonic Architecture - OCT 27

Recommended for grades 6+

Watch as the orchestra creates a visual display of pitch, duration, and amplitude. Even the architecture of Music Hall can be seen in a whole new way!

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Young People's Concerts are supported by:

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