CSYO: Hi David and welcome to the Spotlight! We are so excited to talk to you. You have a very unique and long term connection with the CSYO. Let's jump right in - we would love to hear your favorite memory from your time in the CSYO.

DB: I was a member of the CSYO from 1979 to 1981. In my first year, I was the only person from Kentucky in the group. I enjoyed being teased about that. My favorite memory would be the side by side concerts.

CSYO: I know you must be pleased that there are many, many more students now representing the Kentucky side. What are you doing now?

DB: I am an entrepreneur and have been in business since 1988. I have over 100 employees and have been in various businesses over the years.

CSYO: Are you still involved with music?

DB: I am a horn player and I still play. Plus, I've added the electric bass, trumpet, and saxophone as well. My office at work is also setup to be my practice room.

CSYO: That sounds like a great office. What a great way to incorporate various aspects of your life. Speaking about your life - you have a very special connection to the CSYO that includes your family. You have said it is a highlight in your personal story. Please share it with our readers!

DB: I would say my highlight would just be the fact that myself and all three of my kids have been in the CSYO. In addition to the CSYO we have all been in the CCM Prep Brass Choir. I started with the Brass Choir when Paul Hillner first started as the conductor. Morgan on trumpet, Spencer on horn, and now Robert on horn.

CSYO: That is wonderful. The CSYO conductor changes on a regular basis but we know that Paul Hillner is still conducting the Brass Choir so he is keenly aware of how music is an important aspect of your family's life. Since your children are active in music what are your thoughts on how music fuels creativity and learning?

DB: Music embodies creativity. Music is an outlet for students to excel. Recently my oldest son Morgan started an internship with Northwestern Mutual. During the interview process he told me “Dad all they wanted to know about was my accomplishments on trumpet during high school and college, they asked about CSYO, brass choir as well as Interlochen. They didn’t hardly ask one question about finance classes”. I said “They are looking for people that over achieve. They want people that just do more than others. Music is a perfect arena to find those people.

CSYO: We couldn't agree more. Thank you so much for answering our questions and sharing your talent, as well as your sons, with the CSYO. With all of the music you have played, and listened to, we are curious if there is a single piece of music you can call a favorite. What comes to mind?

DB: Respighi The Pines of Rome. We played that in CSYO and it allows the brass to uncork and play out. I'm sure I played it too loud and I didn't care (LOL)!

CSYO: Thanks David and we look forward to seeing you this season!!