New Works Socials

[New} music can change the world

Ludwig van Beethoven

New Works Socials honor the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s legacy of commissioning and premiering new works of music by contemporary composers. The CSO has always celebrated the future of music, and what better way to do that than to gather with drinks and discussion with other music lovers. This season we invite you to join us post-concert at the following concerts for just that: grab a drink at the foyer bar, mingle with others, and chat about how you experienced the new work. We’ll provide conversation starters, and possibly even a chance to meet with the composer and other musicians if they’re present. No need to reserve a spot, just show up!

Extend your experience with new music by snagging your own complimentary New Works Social journal, with prompts for you to reflect on each piece, and an opportunity to learn more about your listening preferences. Afterall, there is no “right” way to enjoy a concert. Each of us are on our own journey of musical discovery and the collective concert experience allows each of us to expand our horizons and learn something new about ourselves. We believe that music is a pathway to igniting our passions, discovering what moves us, deepening our curiosity and connecting us to our world and to each other. We believe music can change the world.


NOV 12 SAT 7:30PM

  • Daníel Bjarnason
  • I Want to Be Alive 0 Trilogy for Orchestra,
  • First Part: Echo/Narcissus  


MAY 10 FRI 7:30PM
MAY 11 SAT 7:30PM

  • Anthony Davis
  • New Orchestral Song Cycle

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