March & April 2024

The Sound of the Orchestra

by Ken Smith

With Louis Langrée’s tenure as Music Director drawing to a close, audiences and musicians alike have pondered the past decade of life at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. One of the most vivid changes, many agree, is still evident even when Langrée is nowhere near the podium. Apart from the world premieres and partnerships with other creative artists, a particularly notable component of Langrée’s legacy at the CSO has been the current sound of the Orchestra itself.

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The American Mosaic

by Tyler M. Secor & Scot Buzza

The Dream of America and the idea of the American “mosaic” are behind the Cincinnati Pops’ April 12–14 concerts, which open with local performers representing international communities and feature Peter Boyer’s poignant celebration of the American immigrant experience, Ellis Island: The Dream of America. JMR shares his thoughts on the American mosaic and Boyer discusses the inspiring immigrant stories behind Ellis Island.

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Why We Give

From full concerts at Music Hall to small pop-up performances in local neighborhoods and everything in between, our generous and dedicated donors, sponsors and concertgoers make it all possible. This article shares the special stories behind why our donors give to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Pops—each reason is different, but their passion for this Orchestra is a constant. Our donors and their inspiring stories will ensure that the unique sound of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Pops will always resound.

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