November & December 2023

Langrée’s ‘missionary zeal’ brings Thomas’ Hamlet and Opéra-Comique to Cincinnati

by Ken Smith

It marked nearly three decades of missionary zeal in championing Thomas’ work.

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What Makes Us Alive

by Hannah Edgar

Two contemporary works at the CSO hold a mirror to human nature

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ON THE COVER: Standing at the entry to Eden Park is the iconic Elsinore Arch. In 1883, Cincinnati Water Works needed a new valve house near Eden Park (to control water coming down the steep hill), but they wanted to build a structure that would serve as the new main entrance to the glorious Eden Park. As the story goes, Music Hall hosted a Shakespearean Dramatic Festival in the spring of 1883, during which Hamlet was performed. A large (65-by-65 foot) beautifully painted backdrop of Elsinore Castle was part of the production. This backdrop became the inspiration behind the Elsinore Arch, which Charles B. Hannaford, son of Samuel Hannaford of the architectural firm Samuel Hannaford & Sons, built in late 1883. Samuel Hannaford was the architect for Cincinnati Music Hall and City Hall. Credit: Eric Johnson