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If It Sounds Good, It Is Good! | January 2019


Happy New Year!

2019 blasts off with Cincinnati Pops performances and a recording project that are out of this world!

It is always a thrill to bring our signature Cincinnati sound to a global audience and this month, the “Pops in Space” concert program at Music Hall is the next to be recorded and released on the Orchestra’s Fanfare Cincinnati label. This would not be possible without generous support from Mrs. Edyth Lindner, Sarah and George Morrison, and Patti and Fred Heldman. One of our core values at the Pops is to be Cincinnati’s ambassador, and these generous underwriters help us share our excellence with the entire planet.

The recording legacy of the Cincinnati Pops is stellar, with 95 albums released to date and millions of recordings sold and streamed around the globe. This next project will be our first “studio” recording since 2014. No, we don’t actually go into a recording studio, but we bring the recording studio right here to the Springer Auditorium, where, within the pristine silence of our hall we capture the brilliance of our orchestra with a dozen very carefully placed microphones. These mics not only record the sounds of the 90 or so instruments on stage, but also the natural reverberance created by the plaster, iron, wood and ornamentation that make the sound of our “home” unique. This will be the very first studio recording after the recent renovations at Music Hall and we’re all super excited to light this candle!

For this concert and recording project, we explore music inspired by the firmament—based on both science fact and fiction. This includes Voyage, an exciting new co-commission composed by the celebrated film composer Michael Giacchino in honor of the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing and Neil Armstrong’s historic “first step.” Read more about this exciting work on page 12.

NASA’s space program continues to extend its giant leap for all humanity, deepens our understanding of our immediate neighborhood in outer space, and opens our eyes to the incredible vastness of what lies beyond.

The wonderment instilled by our explorations and discoveries is expressed most eloquently in musical scores of the last hundred years. Works on our “Pops in Space” program this month include the very latest from film, as well as cornerstones of orchestral repertoire. Each in their own way, these pieces were inspired in equal parts by the science, beauty and wonder of the universe.

We look forward to bringing this amazing music to our concert audiences this month at Music Hall and to our Pops fans throughout the galaxy in our 96th recorded release this July.