November & December 2022

Debuts Bring Musical Treasures

Not so long ago it was rare to see a woman leading a major orchestra, let alone two women appearing on the same podium a week apart, but in November a pair of well-traveled maestras make their Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra debuts, each bringing a musical treasure from her adopted country.

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Pops: Celebrating Judy Garland, the Holidays and Billie Holiday

One thing that makes Cincinnati Pops concerts unique is the Orchestra’s ability to take well-loved and time-honored music and render it entirely new. Three upcoming Pops programs—Get Happy: Judy Garland Centennial, Holiday Pops featuring the Annie Moses Band, and New Year’s Eve: Billie Holiday Songbook—offer up beloved and cross-generational music made new through the magic of the Pops and incomparable guest artists.

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Shaw’s Observatory, Holst’s The Planets and a CSO partnership with the Cincinnati Observatory

Whatever resources Gustav Holst had at his disposal when he began composing The Planets in 1914, they didn’t include computerized telescopes or astrophotography. If his imagination was sparked by telescopes at all, they were probably more like those of the Cincinnati Observatory, whose 11-inch Merz and Mahler refractor from 1845 is the oldest working telescope in this hemisphere.

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May Festival Celebrates 150th Anniversary

When he was first invited to become Principal Conductor of the Cincinnati May Festival, Juanjo Mena began studying its past programming extensively. “I asked to see a full list of the Festival’s repertory—not just the past 10 or 15 years they initially sent, but everything the Festival has done since 1873,” he recalls. “Did you know the May Festival did the U.S. premiere of Bach’s Magnificat? Or Handel’s Dettingen Te Deum?”

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